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We’re not alone: Charlie’s decompression surgery will be on November 8, then Bianca (14 months old) will have surgery on November 12, followed by Seamus (1 year old), whose surgery is scheduled for November 14. I’m praying for the very best outcomes for all three cavaliers.


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Mornings with Charlie are very quiet. Every day I get up at 5:00am to give Charlie his first Gabapentin capsule of the day. His Gabapentin must be spaced into 8 hour intervals, and our schedule is perfect for Charlie and me: 5am, 1pm, 9pm around the clock.

Charlie lifts his head to grab his pill wrapped in shaved turkey lunch meat. To him it’s a treat that he gets for free; he doesn’t have to ‘earn’ it with a ‘sit’ command. That may be why he’s a bossy little dog, but I don’t have the heart to make him work in the morning. He obviously doesn’t feel well in the mornings.

He stays in bed until 6:30am, when he gets his Omeprazole, wrapped in shaved turkey as well. When I start putting dog food into bowls, he perks up and barks in anticipation. I set out food bowls, and he’s out of bed by the time I set his bowl on a towel-wrapped shoe box. One requirement for SM sufferers is a raised food bowl, and this is our poor man’s version.

He eats quickly, has a drink and pops back into his bed. I give his Omeprazole a little while to start it’s work. Later, Ill tempt him out of bed with bits of kibble to be carried outside for a potty break. We take it slow, in hope that he won’t have a pain episode.

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Each time Charlie has a pain episode I feel as helpless as I did the first time. There is nothing I can do to ease his pain. I tell him I’m sorry, and I hold a towel between his flailing hind foot and his face in hopes that he won’t scratch his eye or bite his foot. When he stops yelping, I place the towel on the floor/ground for his head rubbing. If we’re outside and it’s cold or raining, I cover him with the towel in an attempt to keep him warm or dry until he can get up and be carried inside.

His episodes occur daily. I silently promise him I will do everything I can to make these episodes stop. We’re waiting for his surgery date.

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