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Charlie came home last night! I was not expecting this!

Yesterday morning (Friday, Nov. 9) a doctor from the animal hospital called to tell us that Charlie had a good night on his IV pain medication, and they decided to wean him off the IV gradually until 2:00pm when he would have the IV removed. The doctor told me to call at 3:00pm for a ‘Charlie report’, then we could come visit him and discuss taking him home. I was working, so I rearranged my afternoon schedule.

I called at 3:00 and was told I could visit him and then decide whether or not I’d feel comfortable bringing him home. Evidently Charlie had started “acting up” with some of the staff, which is a sign that he would be better off at home.

When I arrived, I got a full report on his surgery, care needs, and prescriptions. We discussed my concerns about bringing him home so soon. Then Charlie’s tech brought him into the room with Dr. A. and me. Charlie made a beeline for my arms! The little guy was a sight: shaved head, orange betadyne all over his head and face, and betadyne matted into his ears. He was wearing a purple bandana, perhaps an attempt to improve his appearance.

Charlie cuddled into my arms, and I realized I couldn’t leave him there another night even though I wanted to. He might feel abandoned. So I took a deep breath and said I’d take him with me. The drive took a little over an hour because of rush hour traffic. When we arrived home he was already 35 minutes late for his pain pill. He made that whistle-whining sound when I settled him in his crate and gave him his Tramadol capsule. Dr. A. had already told me that Charlie had been yip/whining a little when he lifted his head.

Charlie has the same crate that we used for India when she had patella surgery. It’s large with plenty of room to stretch out. He has a thick, comfortable orthopedic mattress with a crate pad on top. The crate pad has rolled edges for head propping. We covered the crate with towels to remove distraction. He snuggled into his bed and slept.


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Charlie is doing well after his decompression surgery. He is sleeping peacefully and is still too sedated to be offered any food. He’s on a combination of pain medicines that are keeping him comfortable.

That’s all I know right now – I’m hoping we’ll be able to see him on Saturday.

Thanks for all your kind words and wishes. I can’t tell you how much this means to us.

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