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Charlie will be two years old on December 11, 2007. We adopted him six days ago.

We were given a file folder containing his medical records since he was a sixteen week old puppy. His first vet visit was for vaccinations, and he had a slight case of gastroenteritis. His vet noted that Charlie was a “picky eater”. One month later, Charlie was dropped off at the vet to be neutered, and it was noted that he was having a harder time walking. “Ataxic, seems to have a hypermetric gait” was the description. “A: Syringomyelia.” “P: Per discussion with neurologist, MRI is needed to confirm diagnosis. Treatment options are limited and it is difficult to determine if the disease will progress.”

At nine months of age, Charlie was brought in for an exam. “Client feels that Charlie is having a harder time getting around. Charlie also urinates and defacated all over the house and cries out in pain every night.” “S: Ataxic but otherwise very active.” “A: Syringomyelia.” Charlie was given Gabapentin, Omeprazole and Prednisone.

One month later, the vet’s comments state, “Client is unable to give Charlie the medical attention that he requires. They relinquished him to _-_ Hospital to board him until a suitable home is found.”

When Charlie was ten and one half months old, he was taken to a foster home. He remained in foster care for one year.


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